Who We Are?

Stella and Chan is your trusted partner in offering you a wide range of products and accessories for babies and mommies. 

It is an online baby and mommy products retail and distribution company founded in the Philippines with the aim of bridging the gap of every parent to have access to quality products that are not only safe for babies but also giving every penny a premium worth. It all started with cousins Stella and Chantelle, after a conversation about Stella’s woes about the lack of quality baby products in the Philippines especially outside the capital, which is Manila. Majority of the providers, retailers, sellers are based in the capital and it hasn't been cost effective (e.g. shipping expenses) especially for mothers living far. There was a need, hence Stella and Chan was created.

Aside from the unequal distribution of retailers all over the country, products that are organic, natural, eco-friendly are not as easily accessible. We felt the need to address the growing demand for these kind of products. Not only that it has a positive impact and contribution to the environment but also, we want the best for every mother and baby. 

Moreover, we want to be a leading flagship of brands both local and international that align with our vision and mission as a company. We want to support local products in order to help the ones in the grassroots. 

Through the utmost use of technology, we could empower and support mothers from the demands of motherhood through an exceptional shopping experience. 

  • To make a difference and create a positive impact to people and the environment.
  • To bring the shopping experience to an exceptional level.
  • To deliver quality premium products and service.



To become a leading online retail company of quality baby and mommy products in the Philippines and the rest of the world.